15 Detox and Cleansing Herbs from Around the Globe

Herbs have been used to support the body’s innate detoxifying abilities for thousands of years.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular detoxifying herbs and see what they can offer



1. Chamomile

Clean Body Clean Mind-PINTEREST2

This sunny little flower is a strong medicine, wrappped up in a tasty sweet flavour.

Chamomile aids the respiratory tract.  It also soothes digestion with its strong anti- inflammatory action.

It is even calming and safe enough even for babies.  Chamomile has antibacterial and anti-viral actions as well.


2. Burdock

Burdock is a supreme detoxifier for the liver, skin, and digestive tract. Its mild, earthy taste is quite palatable.

Like most detoxifiers, burdock takes a month or two to reach its maximum effectiveness.

When it does, you can expect to see improved digestion and clearer skin.


3. Dandelion

Both the roots and leaves of this much maligned plant are excellent detoxifiers. The leaves are very nutritious.

They support kidney function and can help to relieve bloating.

Dandelion roots support the health of the liver.  They help to normalize bowel elimination.


4.  Marigold:

Marigold (Calendula)

This beautiful flower is rich in antioxidants.

It is one of the best herbs to promote the health of the skin.

Our skin is our biggest organ and we should take really good of it.

Marigold helps keeps out toxins and eliminates them from the skin.

It also reduces inflammation throughout the body with additional antibacterial actions as well.


5. Licorice

Licorice has powerful actions which reduce inflammation throughout the entire body.

It is similar in effectiveness as some steroid medications.

Licorice is used to heal stomach ulcers with its mild laxative actions.

Licorice benefits the liver.

If high blood pressure is a concern, the deglycyrrhizinated form should be used.


6. Flax

Flax seed relieves inflammation. It keeps blood vessels flexible and prevent buildup of cholesterol. Flax seed aids bowel elimination. It soothes and promotes the heath of the entire digestive system.


7. Garlic

Garlic improves the flow of blood throughout the tissues. Heathy circulation supports

detoxification of the entire body. It is especially beneficial for the health of the immune and cardiovascular systems.


8. Cinnamon

Cinnamon can be drank as an herbal infusion on its own or mixed with other teas as well.

The warm, spicy cinnamon promotes circulatory and digestive health.

Cinnamon can help to regulate blood sugar levels.


9. Schisandra

This berry of many flavors supports brain health. It protects the liver and aids with the digestion of fats. The herb has restorative effects upon nerves.

Schisandra enhances energy and stamina.

It helps to relieve stress, insomnia, and fatigue.


10. Pau D’arco

This South American herb has a long history of use for helping the body to fight infections. It improves the health of the skin, which is the largest detoxifying organ of the body. The herb helps to prevent cancer cell formation.


11.  Fennel

Fennel promotes a healthy digestive tract.

It can reduce nausea and reduce gassiness.

It is so gentle that it can be used to relieve infant colic.


12. Green Tea


Among the wonderful green teas is this comforting Genmaicha Tea.

Green tea has been consumed for over 4000 years. 

The best quality ones contains enzymes which prevent aging and cancer. Green tea protects the body from the effects of radiation.

It improves the health of the liver, boosts immune function, and supports a healthy metabolism.


13. Rooibos

This wonderful herb is a concentrated source of anti-oxidants.

Rooibos helps to detoxify and prevent damage to the liver, which is the major organ of detoxification within the body.

It improves blood sugar levels, protects the heart and enhances respiratory health.

Rooibos may prevent age related changes within the brain and benefits the lungs as well.


14. Guggul

Guggul helps aids the breakdown of unhealthy cholesterol and prevents hardening of the

arteries.  The herb has traditionally been employed by Ayurvedic practitioners as a weight loss

aid, and to help balance blood glucose levels. It can improve the metabolic rate and reduce discomfort in the joints.


15. Gymnema

This Ayurvedic herb helps to prevent cravings for sweets, making it an asset for weight loss. It helps to regulate blood sugar and insulin levels.

Detoxification is an ongoing process. The best detoxifying blends contain herbs which support the entire body as it cleanses and refreshes itself.

Products used to support detoxification work best when used as a part of a total wellness program which includes stress reduction, exercise, consuming plenty of fluids and a healthy diet.


Herbal teas are also known as herbal infusions.