Does tea expire

Expired tea? Is it is safe to drink tea after best before date? 

Maybe you have some tea sitting at the back of your cabinet that expired 3 years ago?

Does tea REALLY expire?

If I tell you, I may end up selling you less tea, but hey, I am an honest kind of gal, so check out the answer in this video.

In this video:

The short answer is no, it doesn't. (Your reading is done! Just kidding.)

Let me help you out understanding some of the food labels, like "what does expire actually mean"?

So I have a milk bottle here. The label says "use by X date". 

Versus our tea packaging, it says "best before X date".

"Use By" actually means different things to "Best Before".

Use by means please try to use it around this date. Otherwise it may go off, and it may not be safe to consume. 

Best before, however, means after the Best Before date, it is safe to consume, but not so fresh. 

So if you look at a bottle of water with Best Before date, you may wonder if water actually "expire" - of course not!

Why do we do this then? It's more of a matter legal compliance.

Coming back to our tea, on our packaging we mention storage suggestions to help you to have the best, enjoyable experience drinking our tea:

"Store in airtight container in a cool place, away from direct sunlight and odour. Open packages should be consumed 1-3 months for optimal freshness."

This means that try to drink it up within this period. But if you can't for whatever reason, the package should be still safe to consume, providing you store it properly.

Don't store next to something smelly. Treat it like the way you store dried herbs. 

For most of the tea, enjoy them while they are fresh.