Easier Way to Achieve Your Health Goal

What is your health goal this year?

The question often gets asked about goal setting is how to keep going towards the goal. Goal setting, without a successful habit to support it, is just a puff of hot air. 

Goals vs Habits


An interesting comparison, since a goal cannot be achieved without the support of a habit. Yet, “having” a habit doesn’t guarantee the attainment of a goal eg having the daily stroll will not improve your running speed.


I read an article that stated by 1 Feb, approximately 94% of the people who made a new year resolution will have both failed already AND will have decided to give up on the resolution for the remainder of the year.

Sadly, I see this happen all the time. The big goals we set; the big dreams we have; the big things we say we are going to accomplish.all turn into “will get around to them some day”.


We dream about them, but they always seem to be just out of reach.


So, we work harder and harder and harder. Never getting closer. Year after year, those dreams are another year away. Then one day, we give in to the "inevitable" and say our dreams are just that - dreams. Which, I firmly believe, is not true. To achieve any goal, we need to supportive habits.


Just like when many people are wanting to become healthier, drinking less alcohol is a great goal to pursue. So, what is the habit that supports and helps to achieve this goal?


Research tells us many people drink wine because they are stressed. The wine is there to destress.


So if we remove or reduce wine intake, we need to put in something else to help de-stress.


In comes on the stage TEA.


Tea is great to help to relax. In fact, many people drink tea because it helps them to become healthier AND more relaxed.


Two for the price of one, I’d say.


So what would you choose today, a glass of red, or a cup of your favourite leaf tea?