English Breakfast, loose leaf, anyone?

We've all read the news lately...

Men drink beer not tea. Men drink coffee not tea. Tea makes you go soft. Honestly, those comments are all bullshit!

A man that drinks tea, know his stuff.

Against all the peer pressure to conform to other guys drink, a true tea drinker couldn't give a rat's ass what others think. They drink tea and there's nothing you can do about it. It's the beverage of class and success. That quiet kind of success that says I have made it and I did it with the goods in tow. To hell with what others think.

It is about this point in the article where the non-tea drinkers get up in arms and cry foul. I'm surprised you guys made it this far. Now go away and leave us tea drinkers to savour our brew.

English Breakfast, loose leaf, anyone?