Feeling Grateful and Nourished

Let Gratitude be your new superfood!

Many of us are overworked and feeling stressed these days. There is a sense of loneliness even we have many likes and fans and virtual high fives. 

We maybe stretched financially and feeling the squeeze from the "shoulds" and "should-nots". 
Our body feels tired, our mind drained and our heart and spirit feel unsatisfied. We feel like we are spinning our wheels, going in circles.
This is when sickness often starts. If we ignore the signs our bodies give us through small aches and ailments, they can turn into serious disease.
What if there is something we can do everyday, simpleand affordable to help us to reconnect our body, spirit, mind and heart? To revert the vicious cycle?
Leaf tea is this connector. 
It is so small yet so powerful. 
It is so affordable that some dismiss its immense value to life, health and wellbeing. 
Yes these humble little leaves maybe tiny in size, but it can bring much needed nourishment inside and out. 
Leaf tea is refreshing to our body, giving us the necessary hydration to help us stay energised without the hyped heartbeat.
Its aroma soothes our frayed nerves, helps us to bring that smile back in our face. 
This smile is a sign of gratitude coming back to YOUR life!
Being grateful for small things are so hard these days. If you can be happy with the simple pleasure a cup of tea can bring you, you are making progress towards better body, mind and spirit.
Tea connects us to our inner compass, re-calibrate to find our true north again. 
Even within 5 minute daily tea making-drinking ritual, you would feel more alive, more mindful of what's happening around you. 
Leaf tea ritual of spending few seconds scooping the tea leaves out, to watching the kettle boil - all these micro breaks help us to feel we are in control of our time again. 
And a cup of tea with our friends and family opens our hearts - face to face, we hug our cups, and feel truly loved and supported again.
We have the quiet power and certainty to stand up with a cup of tea when everyone else in group with a beer or coffee.
This is a win! Start today - celebrate your every little win.
Gratitude is an amazing tool to lift burdens, untie the mental knots and unperfect the perfectionist in us!
We love ourselves enough to allow ourselves the space to be different. Feel grateful for all you have - lessons and gains.
We feel more certain we can CHOOSE better quality because we respect our self worth, through choosing quality leaf tea instead of a life-less teabag.
A simple cup of leaf tea can bring the balance back in life.

Start smiling at your tea, be grateful of the joy that every sip brings you. Hug your cup of tea, celebrate your wins - every one of it. Allow yourself to feel grateful and nourished again.