The Pretty Herbal Tea - Hibiscus

Hibiscus is pretty, but actually there is a kind of hibiscus that is great to drink as well.

Trouble with most herbal tea is its taste. A lot of them are not that tasty, but check out Hibiscus. Not only it's pretty but it tastes great hot or cold, as a nice boost of your immunity.

Hibiscus (Rosella) has been used to treat indigestion, dissolve phlegm and lower cholesterol by many herbalists. Hibiscus infusion has a tangy taste and stunning ruby colour.

Want to give kids a herbal tea to drink? This is our top pick - the crazy red colour and Ribena like taste (without sugar) gets the tick from kids.

Hibiscus tastes great hot or chilled and welcome by many of all ages and cultures.

To make hibiscus "tea", similar drop a few "flowers" (sepals) into a cup or teapot, and add hot water to brew for 5 minutes. You can add a touch of honey to make it less sour.

After drinking, you can take the soaked hibiscus out from the teapot and put in a food processor / mixer to turn them into little pieces. Add them to your thickshake, biscuit batter or even icecream!

Hibiscus is the common name and genus name for about 250 species of shrubs, trees, and herbaceous plants in the mallow family (Malvaceae). Most commonly used Hibiscus medicinally is H. sabdariffa, known as roselle, but also popular are H. rosa-sinensis.

We have collected a few articles for you to evaluate if Hibiscus is healthy and tasty.

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