Holding on, or holding off (my tea books)

I have been collecting tea books for over 15 years.

I love the aesthetics of books – even the smell of new and old books. I love books as my resources for tea knowledge.

I have learned heaps from the tea masters around the world. 

But since I have been seriously practising mindfulness these last few years, I am more present with why I buy tea books. 

That's why I spent yesterday cleaning out my tea books because I realise:

  1. I no longer use them as my first go to guides. I use internet most time when I am researching on tea.
  2. I want to look like I know tea (I know tea, without the looks). A display of books makes me look  "credible".
  3. Tea is to be experienced more than studied. 

I was holding onto a model of having books to have the know-how.  There is nothing wrong with this model, particularly if you either just starting out in learning about tea, or enjoy digging deep into the technical side of tea.

But I have never been a technician to that degree. Between my creative and mechanical tendencies, I would always go with creativity.

So in a way, having these many books (and more Chinese tea books), I am keeping myself safe in my nest, not spreading my message of how leaf tea can help someone to be more relaxed, focus and grounded.

I was holding off myself from being out there, enjoying a cup of tea with tea lovers, tea-curious and generally anyone wanting more wins AND peace in life. 

So, no more holding onto my books. I am selling some and giving away others.  Time to go out and connect with the world.

Care to have a cup of tea with me some time?

Or grab a preloved tea book or two here?