Hot Bath with Hot Tea, Party with Iced Tea

Hot tea or iced tea?

I was this question the other day talking to another "tea friend". 

Sam loves both, and so do it. 

Which is best?


Depends on the mood. 


Hot tea is like a hot bath - cleansing and reflective. It is time for a bit of zen, maybe a tiny bit of indulgence since everyone is rushing and you are sitting in a tub of water!


Cold tea, however, it's like you go and party! You mix this and that together, throw in some mango, pineapple, strawberries and more for that awesome display of colours. 


You might drink it too fast and have a brain freeze, and your friends are laughing with you. 


Back to the childhood days with slushies. That's what iced tea is like. 


Tea Time = Silly Tea, I'd say! 


And why not? 


So what's your preference, hot tea or iced tea? Share your thoughts here :)