How To Plan For A Healthy Christmas

Christmas is a time of year that most people indulge.

I mean you can’t help it really.

There is so many sweets around and the food is so rich. There is so much sugar, cream, and cheese.

Plus, all the alcohol at party after party after party.

It all seems fun at the time but afterwards not so much.

Fatigue, weight gain, and poor sleep patterns are just a few of the symptoms you’ll notice.

Have you ever woken up with discomfort in your tummy? Or maybe you felt discomfort during a meal in your gut?

Are you worried about how you will cope with the holiday foods and cheer?

There Is Something You Can Do

In the past, you may never have really cared. Perhaps you used to ignore most of these symptoms as part of the usual aftermath of holiday feasting.

But you just cannot ignore these messages from your body any longer. It is becoming increasing hard each year to swing back into the groove of things after long holiday feasting, and hard to shake of the weight gain during that festive season.  

You started listening to your body.

Respecting your body.

Now that is not to say you won’t have some red wine or avoid sugar completely but now you want to do it in a way where your body doesn’t scream at you.

You want to eat healthily.

You are trying to eat healthy.

But there are just too many temptations.

We have all been there.

There is a solution though…

The Food-Lovers Guide to have a healthy holiday season

Here are just a few things which can put you ahead of the curve, and avoid getting too curvy and derailed over the festive season:

  1. Prepare a green smoothie or juice and drink it once a day. If your body is well nourished with healthy choices you will not be drawn to grabbing the unhealthy choices. Your body will be satisfied and you will be satisfied connecting with your party guests over great conversation instead of through the food.

  2. Leave the house with some healthy snacks. Having healthy snacks on hand and in your face will make it an easy choice to eat the nourishing food rather than the life sucking food choices. Carry with you some healthy trail mix, oranges or some hot air popcorn.

  3. Always opt for fresh foods, like chopped veggies and fruit when you eat out. They will keep you more nourished and you will be less tempted to eat as much of the cheesy, over salted, fried options.

  4. Drink lots of water. Every morning have a cup of hot lemon water. Drink water at lunch and at dinner have another hot lemon water instead of coffee or tea. Sometimes when you feel hungry you are actually thirsty. Plus whatever life sucking foods you have been consuming will be flushed out with lots of water and the toxins won’t store in your cells.

Guilt-Free, and Kickin’

I, and my coaching clients, have had some amazing results with these strategies and you will too.

These tricks have also helped my family stay healthy on the run. We have had more energy. We have also experienced a stronger immune system and as a result have been able to enjoy the holiday season with laughter and fun.

Here’s The Real Benefit As A Mom On The Go….

It really frees my mind of guilt to know that we have eaten our share of veggies and fruit. I just love knowing that we have gotten all our greens.

Plus when you’re eating healthy, you’re not going to put on the holiday pounds. This holiday my jeans will fit just right. Then I’ll feel more confident and sexy.

As for my family, I just love knowing they are well nourished having eaten all their fruit and veggies. They not only are happier and more content they have extra energy to enjoy all the Christmas cheer.

It is amazing how far healthy foods carry you, rather than the garbage.

YOU Choose: From Over-Caffeinated Sugar Crasher OR Energizer Bunny

This is where you can publicly define which one you will choose. When you air your goals there is a better chance you will take action to make one of these changes. You will have more commitment.

Which one of the three actions steps are you going to do today?

Share in the comments below.

Lisa Suski Miracle of Food

Written by Lisa Suski, Miracle of Food

Lisa Suski is a wellness coach, optometrist, wife, and mother to three adorable children. She specializes in nutrition and helps people replace inflammatory foods with nourishing foods to eliminate disease, allow the body to heal, and live in a thriving, vibrant body.

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