Loose leaf tea and hard times; ANZAC Day (2)

I am feeling so blessed living in Australia. Do you feel the same?

ANZAC Day is tomorrow.

I am sipping my tea while my daughter is sitting next to me, attempting to knit a poppy that her teacher just taught her.

So in this blog post, I want to express my sincere thanks.

I was born after WWII and life has never been hard for me.

My dad reminded me of the hardship back in those days - eating once a day if lucky. Sometimes the only thing around to eat was tree barks. You never know if your family would come home and this was the last goodbye...

I am so grateful that I don't have to worry if I get the chance to have another cup of tea, or worry about the safety of my kids, or when we can come out from a bomb shelter.

It reminds me to slow down and appreciate what I have already, including this amazing tea business, flourishing after 12 years, and having so many of you as loyal supporters.

While we might have never known each other (except through previous transactional exchanges of you buying tea from us), we want to let you know, we appreciate you, for sticking around, for supporting the vision to help more Australians to become healthier through drinking good tea, to appreciate life as what we make of it.

So thank YOU!

Lest we forget. The peace we enjoy now is because of your sacrifice.

Let's drink to health and gratitude.