Making Lightness the New You

Today, I saw 2 people carrying the same bag! The bag says "Emotional Baggage". 

Weight, as in weight loss, weight management - fat vs thin etc, is only one kind of weight that drag us down. 

There are other forms of weight which when we let go, the physical body weight naturally comes off FOR GOOD as well. 

And that's what TEA CAN HELP. 

Tea as some say, is the "elixir of the immortal".

It is much more than a refreshment to a thirsty person. 

If you are reading this, you are probably wanting to lose some weight. So here is the thing, before you read on:

The burdens we carry around with us have become part of our attitudes, habits, beliefs, and behaviors, but they are not permanent. Habits are the outcome of old decisions and they can be changed only through new decisions and choices.

So we are not going to tell you to reduce what you eat, or drop and do 100 push-ups. These things can certainly help your weight loss in a short term, but sustaining YOUR HEALTHY weight is an inner game. 

You see, when you are stressed, or worried, your body wants comforting. 


That's why you reach out for chocolate, chips, heavy and/or creamy foods when you are tensed, or feeling bad about something. 

But these foods only provide a quick fix. Then your feeling is back in the dump.

When any hunger or need doesn’t get satisfied, our bodies keep asking for more. The hungrier you are, the hungrier you stay, no matter how much food you eat. 

That's why many find sugar craving gets worse each day.

Mentally, we are hungry for nourishing experiences. If you are emotionally nourished, the physical cravings stop.

However, you can’t change what you aren’t aware of. This means that you must connect your hunger to a real need that can actually be satisfied. That is how we end this craving, hence shredding the weight we dislike. 

To that end, I find tea being very helpful in these ways:

  • When you crave to eat, go and get a tea. You still put something in your mouth, tricking your body your need to eat is satisfied. 
  • Often when we are stressed, we don't drink enough good liquid. Tea is a great way to hydrate.
  • Tea has many health benefits as we all know, and a great way to keep us sharp. 
  • The bonus benefit of LEAF tea is the fact that the short 5 minutes you take to make your tea is actually YOUR ME TIME. You spend time nourishing your body, letting your mind absorbed in the simple tea making process and let you have a chance to let go of your worries. To exhale, and smell the beautiful aroma of tea.

Tea Time is a great time to chat to a friend or family about what's been happening in your life. This time for self-care is tremendously helpful to letting go of your stress and problem.

Choose tea that you enjoy - you are allowed to be selfish at your tea time! It's after all the liquid you are putting in YOUR MOUTH!

If you need something to beat your sugar craving, a tea with a sweet scent like Chai Sweet Chai or Vanilla Delight are lovely. 

hibiscus herbal infusion

Refreshing Hibiscus (photo above) makes an awesome iced tea. You can jazz it up with sparkling or soda water to replace your sugary soda drinks. 

When you apply self-care to your real needs, life becomes much lighter.

Your emotional baggage is the true weight that slow you down. It is time to let yourself take a deep breath, walk to the kitchen and make a cup of your favourite tea, and just breathe out!

Then the lighter you becomes the new you - freer, happier, and healthier.

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