Loose leaf tea vs tea bag

Do you think making tea from tea bag is cheaper and quicker?

Check out these 2 videos to find out the truth about leaf tea vs tea bag.

Firstly what is the difference between leaf tea and tea bag:


But what about convenience?

We are all very busy. Who has time to make a cup of tea with leaf tea?
I often say when you feel you have no time for a good cup of tea, that’s EXACTLY THE TIME YOU NEED ONE.
And more importantly, it doesn’t take longer to make compared to using tea bag.
Don’t believe me? Check out these videos and see for yourself. Let's debunk the myth that tea bag is quicker than leaf tea.
Kids version - Tea bag vs leaf tea ;)

In the above video – meet the tea family ?
ATHENA: Some people think that tea bags are quicker to make than leaf tea

OLIVIA: Today, Im going to make tea made of tea bag – it will be a lot quicker to make it

ATHENA: i am gonna make leaf tea

(They both start making their tea)

Both: Hot water please

Both: we will be back in a few minutes when the tea is ready.

ATHENA: I made you a cup of tea, daddy. I hope you like it

PETER: Thank you

OLIVIA: Made you a cup of tea for you, daddy

PETER: sips on both tea glass

PETER: can i have some milk please

ATHENA: yes, sure

ATHENA kid pours it

PETER: Thank you

OLIVIA: hands the milk to the younger kid

PETER: Can i have some milk in that cup too?

OLIVIA: yes, sure

PETER: Thank you

PETER drinks both and try to savor the taste

PETER: you both made a wonderful cup of tea- Both of you. I really like what you guys made. My preference is for this one (from the older kid). How did you make this?

ATHENA: i made it using leaf tea

PETER: how did you make?

OLIVIA: I made this with tea bags

PETER: good, umm in terms of strength like really strong. This one is stronger (tea bag tea) but in terms of aroma and taste, this one (leaf tea) is the most pleasant one to drink. This one i prefer to have more often (leaf tea)…Thank you- but i like yours too (the one made by the younger kid)  it is very nicely made. Thank you Olivia

And here is the adult version in He Drinks, She Drinks (not X rated ;) )