New Habit for the Old Brain

What does the old age mean to you?

Is there something you wanted to do, and ended saying you are too old to do it? 

What about going on the monkey bars - check out this video of how an old lady does it!

None of us is too old to learn a new skill or continue to exercise our body and mind. I am sure this lady has a will that is super strong (coupled with some pretty impressible biceps)!

Yet, we continue to tell ourselves things like "we are too busy to take a break" or "I am too old to try new things".

Like my friend Sarah, I love her dearly, but she has decided that after the age of 7, we cannot learn a new language well. Our brain is a fixed size block, living in our heads from this tender age onwards. 

I feel sorry for her sons. They are merely kids like mine. I ask her to reconsider, think back when she learned English (we are both Chinese). 

More scientific research is now debunking the myth that our brain stops learning after a certain age. 

  • Our brain is a muscle.
  • It all comes down to what we tell it to do (think) every day.
  • If you tell it every day that you can take a break and breath in the aroma of tea when you drink your tea, so you will have time for this important daily healthy habit. 
  • Our brain can continue to learn till we draw our last breath in this Earth.

Sounds too easy? 

Yes, it is that too easy. BUT, to do it everyday, you need persistence. That's hard :)

But we are here to support you, because we are just like you, try to become our healthier, calmer selves. 

That's why we love Tea Mindfulness so much. 

You are already drinking tea. 

So it's just a matter of being more mindful of what you are doing, thinking, feeling while you are sipping your tea. 

Tea Mindfulness is still quite new as a health practice but it is gaining popularity as it is easy to do anywhere and it does need a huge investment of time or money. 

The impact to your body, mind and world is however, SUBSTANTIAL, through a simple daily habit of Tea Mindfulness

If you are looking for an easy way to chill, connect and reaffirm your self worth, take a look at the Tea Mindfulness Starter Guide.


None of us is too old to learn a new skill or continue to exercise our body and mind.

Like the old lady on the monkey bars, we are the product of our thoughts. We can become stronger when we allow our mind to be still at times. Learning and practising tea mindfulness can help this old mind to learn some new tricks.