Out of the Matrix

Matrix. We are all creatures of habit.

Just like in the movie Matrix, most of us do the same thing each day, drink the same tea or coffee to give ourselves a jolt to get started.

So much so that in fact, the caffeine in a standard morning drink no longer gives us the desirable wake-up boost.

What if we can give ourselves a boost without taking a pill, like Neo in the Matrix?

I believe it is possible.

First thing is the awareness. Saying I am aware I am drinking the same thing everyday and not giving me the joy or satisfaction is a step forward. 

This awareness is not judgement. It is simply saying, "ok, I notice a pattern here."

Second is understanding we are what we focus on. If I focus on how tired I am, then I will feel more tired. 

Our brain is designed to keep us on routine, as that's the safest way to survive. So, even if I say "I have to drink 5 cups of coffee to stay awake and there is nothing you can do about it", then my body will continue to crave for those 5 cups of coffee everyday. 

To continue this routine will lead to disaster, as our body becomes addicted to such stimulation to the point the stimulant no longer stimulates us. Hence the 6th cup of coffee is a MUST. 

And so on. 

So how do we jump out of this routine without taking a pill, like Neo in the Matrix when he chose to escape the "reality" he was in?

I believe the solution is in slowing down life, and taste what we put into our body again. 

Explore the flavours and aromas in our world, by allowing ourselves the time to breathe it in. 

Breathe in the fresh air, breathe in the hot fragrant steam when the hot water hits your favourite tea leaves in a pot or cup. 

Give yourself the time to TASTE your tea, without hurry. 

5 minutes off all devices and just make the tea, and drink it without rush. Smile and feel the bliss the little tea leaves delivers to your world. 

Maybe you have been drinking the same tea the last 10 years? What about trying a new flavour? 

Swap a Yunnan Red tea instead of English Breakfast? 

Or venture into White Peony Tea Cake instead of your usual green tea?

You are ready to leave the Matrix, if you have read up to this point.

Come, let's explore the new dimension of energy, awareness and happiness.