Reconnect with a Cup of Tea

Many of us are overworked and feeling stressed these days. There is a sense of loneliness even we have many likes and fans and virtual high fives. 

We are stretched financially or time-wise, often feeling the squeeze from the "shoulds" and "should-nots".

We want to belong, feel rich and strong. 

Yet, our body feel tired, mentally drained and our heart and spirit feel unsatisfied and ungratified. 


What if there is something we can do everyday, simple, affordable and helps us to reconnect our body, spirit, mind and heart?

Leaf tea is THE connector.  

It is so small yet so powerful. 


Leaf tea is refreshing to our body, giving us the necessary hydration to help us stay energised without the hyped heartbeat.

Its aroma soothes our frayed nerves, helps us to bring that smile back in our face. 

Leaf tea connects us to our higher mind. The metaphor of tiny leaf in its most favourable environment (a cup of hot water), it releases its power and flavour from within, impacting an entire cup of water to become an invigorating drink, loved by many across the globe. 

Tea connects us to our spirit - inner compass because it helps to foster the mind to slow down and look inwards. Our strength, even within 5 minutes daily tea making-drinking ritual, can come out to our consciousness. 

And we do grab a cup of tea with our friends and family. A simple tea time opens the conversation - we hug the cups, face to face and feel truly loved and supported again. encourages the daily tea ritual to connect body, mind, spirit and heart.  

Leaf tea ritual from spending the micro breaks scooping the tea leaves out, to watching the kettle boil - all these micro pauses help us to feel we are in control of our time again, feeling more certain we can CHOOSE better quality because we respect our self-worth. We have the quiet power and certainty to stand up with a cup of tea when everyone else in a group with a beer or coffee.

We love ourselves enough to allow ourselves the space to be different. Feel grateful for all you have - lessons and gains. Let gratitude is your new superfood!

Let's drink to your renewed happiness and self-love!
If you are ready to commit to your happiness, a mindfulness practice can be a good daily habit. We have a Tea Mindfulness Starter Guide that you might find interesting - check it out on this page.