For the love of flower tea

To be or not to be, to love or not to love. These are the words and thoughts we think of when we stroll through a blossoming garden - reconnecting ourselves with who we are, in moments of great inner change.

Truly, nothing in this hectic world of ours, needs to be so dire or terse that we cannot stop for a moment of mindfulness with tea. 

So why not enjoy some of that peace and tranquility at home with a flower herbal tea or two, as we reconnect with the things that truly matter in our lives.

Flower tea helps us to lay down the armour and reconnect with who we are, inside.

how to choose flower tea

How to choose flower tea:

When you buy flower tea, compare to herbal tea, it is only or primarily made up of the petals or flower heads.

Flowers tend to be softer in taste than other parts of the plant. If you are unsure which flowers (or herbs) to drink for your wellbeing, flower tea provides a gentle entry to the world of herbal tea.

Flower is also the time the plant "shows off its best" - so that is the prime energy we are harvesting from these gifts of nature.

It is good to remember that many flowers are now grown commercially for looks. It is easy to forget dried flowers may not look as good. A good example is magnolia flowers. Dried magnolia flowers are used in Chinese herbal medicine and it looks like a brown mop. 

Others may not taste fantastic or too strong to taste. Lavender, for example is best for "the nose" and should be sparingly in tea. It is easy to overuse lavender and makes the tea too heady to drink.

To store flower teas, it is important to remember bugs LOVE flower heads. If you have flower tea in your pantry, you need to drink it up fast, particularly flower heads (vs petals). 

Many flower petal loses its pretty colour as time passes, or when it is brewed in hot water. 

Some flower tea is pretty blend, but has the amazing look like the blue cornflowers.

So it is a good idea to not buy too much if you are unsure if it will keep in your pantry. And ideally store in an airtight container away from heat. :-) 

Of course, we drink flower tea for wellbeing as well, so if you have a cup of tasteless flower tea in front of you, besides drinking it for its natural goodness, you can also combine it with other flowers to create your own magical garden flower tea!

The language of flower tea: 
It's fascinating to study the language of flower tea. It's like reading a love poem. The language of flower (tea) is the language of love. 

We give flowers to our love ones. We can also gift flower tea as a gift of healthy blessing. 

Here we share 5 flower teas to help to learn the language of flower tea:

Chamomile for patience
Chamile great flower tea to drink to relax

Osmanthus for joy and open communication
Osmanthus herbal tea great for throat

Rose Buds for love and beauty
rose herbal tea to relax

Hibiscus for vigor, womanhood and personal fame
hibiscus great herbal tea for digestion

Chrysanthemum for longevity, fidelity and living a life of ease
Chrysanthemum great herbal tea for tired eyes and coarse throat

And Blue Malva for the inner star child and magic
Malva flower tea great to soothing an itchy throat

To support who you are and what you are about, here at we have created the perfect flower tea selection for you to savour.

The Flower Tea Gift Pack has a selection of some of the best selling flower teas in Australia. 

Flower Tea Pack  

The Flower Tea Gift Pack includes:

  • Calm Herbal Infusion - a unique blend of chamomile blend to soothe you and prepare you for a night's rest.
  • Osmanthus - once an imperial herb to create desserts for the Chinese royal court, now we can enjoy this elderflower looking little gems. Great to soothe your throat. 
  • Rose Buds - THE LOVE FLOWER as we all know, and it's relaxing to drink. Nothing like the overpowering rose water. 
  • Hibiscus - this ruby colour red infusion is tart to drink, and great for digestion.
  • Chrysanthemum - a Chinese favourite. You can drink it chilled with honey. Reduce internal heat. If you eat out a lot, a night owl or possess a pair of fine square eyes, this is THE tea for you. 
  • And Blue Malva - oh I can't spoil the magical display this tea has. Let's just say, you should have a lemon handy when you drink this tea, and squeeze a little lemon juice to this tea and see what happens. 
    A lovely tea with magical blue colour, great for soothing dry coughs.

They are lovely to drink - not "herby" at all. These are the best flower tea to support you inside and out, so you can be radiant like a blossoming flower. 

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