Relax with Tea

Tea is a self expression.

In a world of bings, dings and rings, it is so hard to unplug, be still and just relax. 

Yet this is so important as part of one’s journey to wellbeing.

We love leaf tea for this reason. Leaf tea helps to slow down. It is not that bland teabag brown stuff that you just push down your throat.

Leaf tea tea making, albeit a small and simple process, requires 5 minute of your time to just focus on tea making (ok, maybe a small chat with work mates at the same time).

This gives us MUCH time to love ourselves – to slow us down, breathe in the fragrant steam from our favourite tea, regroup and refresh the body and mind

Too many people are looking for quick fixes – a quick dose of caffeine.

Tea lovers know better, it is the long term gain in drinking tea – the wellbeing inside and out for onself. I think you can call that self love? ?

Do you need some relaxing “tea” to help this self loving process along? Here are our suggestions –

  • Chamomile: this is by far the most requested herbal relaxant. It is recommended by herbalists for people of all ages for relaxing, soothing, calming down the busy mind and body.
    Try these Chamomile herbal blends: Dreamtime (herbal)

  • Lavender: this fragrant herb can relax the body, relieve coughing and improve oral hygiene.
    Try these Lavender blends: Snooze (herbal), Lilac (black tea blend)

  • Rooibos: (red bush tea from South Africa) ideal for people of all ages, is drunk as a caffeine-free alternative to tea that may help to relieve insomnia, colic, headaches and skin allergy.
    Try these Rooibos blends: Vanilla Rooibos (herbal)

  • Rose: in Asia, women drink rose infusion to combat the common cold (as it is rich in Vitamin C) and to tone their skin. It’s also great for alternative to chamomile for relaxing.
    Try these Rose blends: Relax (herbal), Rose Oolong (Wulong blend)

The Relaxing Teas can be purchased on our website