Soda Water in Tea?

Venture out and make your tea with soda water!

For tea purist, this maybe very shocking.

There are many discussions of what water is best to use to make tea, but soda water? No, never even been considered.

But just imagine, it is the hottest, stinkiest, stickiest day, would you want a cup of hot tea?

Not very likely.

If you think iced tea is acceptable choice for such weather, then maybe, just maybe, iced tea with soda water can be an agreeable possibility.

So here goes the experiment...

We made iced tea with soda water 2 ways, both using the #SodaKing machine -

1) we had cold coconut chai black tea in the #SodaKing machine and we fizzed it up. Wow, this made tons of bubbles. I suspect though there was no milk in the chai tea (just straight black tea chai brew), there was a tiny tiny bit of fat content from the coconut pieces in the dry tea blend, which made the crazy amount of fizz. (this is my observation, nothing scientific here).


2) from several more experiments with our new toy #SodaKing soda machine, we also now understand it is better to flavour the drink AFTER the plain water is fizzed up. This stops the nozzle from blocking or staining with flavour (nozzle is plastic so definitely don't want everything taste tainted).

So second way to make "sodarised" iced tea is to add soda water made from the machine into a ready made tea. This is much better taste-wise and less cleaning up of the nozzle etc which is good :)

In this video we show how to create an awesome iced tea with soda water to quench your thirst, using the second method.

#SodaKing machine is used. Tea used is #SpicyChai #black tea.