Tea Recommendations for This Spring

In spring, we look forward to new life and beginnings.

The days grow longer and we feel the heaviness of winter lifting.

Here are some of our favourites, to help us lighten up and celebrate the joy of this lively, new season.

Lighten Up and Detoxify with Tea

bright balance detox tea

Bright Balance Detox is one of my favorites.

While detoxification is an excellent practice at all times of the year, it is especially important in the springtime.

Most of us eat heavier foods and get less exercise during the long, dark, winter months.  Teas which promote a healthy weight, energize, and rid the body of accumulated toxins give our bodies, minds, and spirits the freshness we seek.

Select a detoxifying blend which meets your needs. One of my favorites is “Bright Balance Detox Tea”. It supports detoxification of your entire body.

This refreshing light green tea blend enhances clarity, promotes energy, and vitality.

You will feel light like the new season after savoring this special blend. Consider drinking organic teas if you are detoxifying or pregnant as a healthy option.


spring blossom bouquet tea ball

Bouquet Teas are flowering tea balls that bloom as you brew them.

Bouquet Teas: A Garden in a Cup

I also enjoy floral teas in the spring. “Spring Blossom” is a stunning bouquet tea.

The “flowering” tea ball opens up to a bloom of premium tea leaves carefully hand strung with flowers.

Each bouquet tea ball serves at least 6-10 cups.

Bouquet teas are beautiful and mesmerizing showstoppers at garden parties.


Enjoy a Bright Black Tea

Earl Grey Love

Regardless of the season, I like to begin my day with a black tea.  Earl Grey Love makes a great cup to wake up to on a perfect spring morning.

Enjoy it plain or with cream.

Earl Grey Love is a premium Ceylon black tea infused with bergamot, plus a little delicious touch of vanilla and rose.

The tea energizes and helps the body rid itself of excess fluid accumulation and stagnation.


Fairy Tale White Tea

Fairy Tale is lovely for Spring!

Springtime Romance

Spring is traditionally associated with love.  It is a time for happily ever after.

A fun tea to drink to that makes me think of princesses, beautiful magical, gardens, and castles with amazing turrets is “Fairy Tale”.  It’s great hot or iced.

“Fairy Tale” is a beautiful beverage made of subtle white tea, strawberries and, of course, rose petals for everlasting love.

It is a lovely tea to serve at a baby or wedding shower.


Sharing Spring Teas

Cha Cha dance into spring

Cha-cha is bright as it is fruity!

Keep a wide array of fresh, light, cleansing, energizing teas on hand this spring.

Spring teas are among the most beautiful, colorful, and delightful flavors available at any time of year. They are outstanding teas to serve when introducing children and tea novices to the delightful pleasures which the world of tea ofers.

Cha-Cha is terrific for children. They will love its bright red color and fruity taste.  Pair spring teas with sweet, light treats in a garden bursting with fragrance and color for a special sensory experience.


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