Super Matcha Soba Noodles with Beef Tripe

By guest blogger Athena Hainzl :)

This term break I have been learning a lot about cooking with my mum and dad. My mum guided me through the steps and she helped me to make sure it tasted good. Once I was done my dad was surprised that I was using matcha noodles because matcha is tea and my dad is part of when they drink tea. I call this dish:

The super matcha soba noodles with beef tripe.

200g Matcha Soba Noodles
1 tbsp light miso paste
1 bunch spinach, chopped into thirds
200g tripe, cut into bit sized pieces
2 tbsp garlic power
1 tsp Chu Hou marinade
1 tbsp sesame oil
2 litres water

Matcha Soba NoodlesChu Hou marinade and Sesame OilSweet Miso (Soybean) Paste

Toss the beef tripe, with the Chu Hou marinade and garlic powder in a pressure cooker with 1 litre of water. Once pressurized, cook the tripe for 20min. By then the tripe should be soft and tender. (And the stinky smell gone :) )

Set the cooked tripe aside in a bowl with some of the Chu Hou garlic water. Then add sesame oil. While preparing the rest, the tripe will continue to lightly marinade.

In a small bowl whisk the miso paste with some of the Chu Hou garlic water until completely mixed together. If done right there should be no miso paste lumps.

In a standard soup pot add 1 litre of clean water. Bring to boil. Once it is boiling add the noodles, then spinach, then the tripe with the stock it was marinating in. After about a minute add the thinned out miso paste.

Once the matcha soba noodles are soft enough to eat (usually about 3 minutes cooking time - check manufacturer's cooking instructions). 

After that it is ready to serve.

Serves 2-4 people depending on how hungry you are. Enjoy :)