Tea and Herbs for Autumn

As much as we enjoy summer sun and great outdoors, often it is also the time we don’t take care of ourselves as much as we should. With autumn kicking in, it is time again we should do some maintenance work on our body!

Too many barbeques and late night parties – Scratchy throat? Indigestion? For carnivores out there, we suggest a cup of pu-erh or oolong to cut the grease in style. Many find a cup of oolong as a big meaty meal the best way to soothe the stomach and helps the digestion.

And for the party animals, a cup of Chrysanthemum or Bright Balance Detox will help you to cleanse your system. In Chinese folklore herbalism, chrysanthemum is good for replenishing the body after late nights, nourish tired eyes and sore throat.


Sniffies – Sudden change of weather often plays havoc to our immune system. Regular consumption of green tea has been associated with immune boost and if you like a light cup, white tea is known to have all the natural goodness as green tea but in higher amount as it is even less processed than green tea.

Other herbs that are known to give your immunity a boost: elderberries, echinacea, rosehips and hibiscus.

Germ buster – A bit under the weather? Ginger is known as a great germ buster. Ginger Kiss consists of ginger, lemongrass and hibiscus – a nice slightly tangy ginger tonic to flush out some germs from your system.