Tea for Mum and with Mum

We often associate tea drinking to a more genteel, feminine image in the western world.

From my quick research, there are some conflicting stats – some seems to suggest women tea consumption higher than men and some the other way round.

Either way, we can all agree that tea goes a long way to help us stay healthy, men AND women.

One thing I also really like about tea is that it is a wonderful practical gift.

In Chinese culture, tea are given to guests and elders as a sign of respect, wishing them good health.

There are so many choices from standard everyday fare to exotic, unusual chocolate tea or berry infusions. Choices are endless.

My mum is a traditionalist, so Assam is her thing. But I know many others would rather have rose to relax, or for young mums, perhaps Vanilla Rooibos to kick back just for 5 minutes for a bit of self-care. Be still and in peace just for themselves.

So why not give mum some tea (Mother’s Day or not)? Maybe even sit down and have a cuppa with her?

Go on, reconnect.

Tell your mum I read on a website to tell me to have tea with you :)