Destress with Mindfulness and Tea

Are you feeling stressed? Do you want to slow down but don't know how?

Remember when you were little: you would be doing one thing at a time - be it painting, reading, building a lego house, or playing with dolls and action figures!

Remember how much you enjoyed being completely absorbed by doing just ONE THING?

That's what mindfulness is - being present and focused on what is in front of you. Tea Mindfulness is a great way to take care of yourself without complicated steps.

You can do it anywhere. And just 5 minutes is all it takes.

Download our "Tea Mindfulness Starter Guide" to start your journey to becoming the happier version of you. 

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So now you are wondering: How do I practice Tea Mindfulness?

To practise tea mindfulness, I use leaf tea.

It helps a multi-tasker (like me) to S.L.O.W down.

I must admit though, that my version of mindfulness is a little quicker than some others. I have come across mindfulness eating and mindfulness drinking that takes a lot of 'conscious presence' when biting, smelling and eating every bit of the food. And savouring its texture.

Truthfully, like a lot of people, I am a bit impatient, so my tea mindfulness exercise tends to be shorter but I love it.

Because it is shorter, I can slip it into my breakfast routine while getting my children ready for school. I can then repeat it at midday over lunch. I also try to do it every Monday night when I "schedule" a time to connect with my partner.

I hope you will find this Tea Mindfulness Starter Guide useful in your busy life too.

Let's Begin :-)


First choose a tea that tickles your heart at this moment.

Open the canister, and have a smell of it.


Give yourself thanks for taking time to have a micro me time.

Spoon out the tea and observe it going into the teapot / tea infuser.

Boil water. When the right temperature is reached, pour water into the tea leaves.

Observe the steam for a moment.

Take a deep breath.

Envelop yourself in the aroma for a second or two.


When the tea is ready, pour it with a smile.

Tell yourself that you are ready for a nice cup of tea.

When you drink it, let the tea slowly warms your throat and your chest.

Take a sip and give yourself the permission to relax.

Even just for a minute.

Drink the tea without phone, computer or anything else.

Just let the tea monopolise you for ONE WHOLE MINUTE.

Or till you are done drinking the tea.

No rush.

Just look out of the window.


And be wonderment of how little tiny leaves can give you such joy.

And be grateful.


Salina Hainzl owns the leaf tea specialist shop and also a business mentor. Salina is also the author of 8 Australian Tea Guides and the Creator of the Creativity Summit 2017 and co-creator of the Mums in Business Summit 2017.

Download and print this Tea Mindfulness Starter Guide to help you to find your inner zen through tea below.

download tea mindfulness starter guide for free


Tea Mindfulness Starter Guide is created to help you going towards a calmer you. It is not to replace any medication - please check with a medical professional if you have any concern.