Why does tea time = me time everyday?

Tea time equals me time. Everyday.

Everyday, I make time for a cup of tea. Nothing fancy. Just a simple cup of loose leaf tea brewed with hot water from the kettle. If it is English Breakfast, I make it. Add the milk powder. Stir. Then go off onto my balcony to drink.

To make the tea it probably takes around 3 minutes. Those 3 minutes can be sometimes vital; The difference between making a rushed poor decision and one well-thought abundant decision.

Through trial and error, and a lot of pain, I have made some very shit decisions that I wish had made while practicing tea time equals me time. Some of those decisions I am still waiting for their rotten fruit to come to pass, so that I can move onto greener pastures.

So why does tea time equal me time everyday?

Truthfully most of us do not have a true me time. We think we do. But our list of actions throughout the day leave us drained and exhausted. We are so tapped into everything that we really have nothing that we can clearly define as our time and space. And when we try to create something as our time and space, we end up with our poor decisions spending a lot of money.

Since practicing tea time equals me time everyday, my decision making skills have improved. I am now more focused on and in the business. And critically less inclined to find myself in an anxiety-driven situation. 

And that's the truth.