Teapot Buying Tips

Question: what kind of teapot to go with what sort of tea?

Definitely, there are a lot of options in the market, let us give you few of them:

  • Glass Teapot - it is the most neutral medium or material that you can choose to use to make your tea. If you are a person that is more particular with presentation and display - wanting to flaunt your tea, then using glass teapot is great. 
  • Ceramic Teapot - this type has a lot of different grades and types of clay. For example, white clay teapot like our Bell Teapot which is made hotel grade type of pottery which is stronger.
  • Zisha -  from Yixing, China they are well known for this kind of craft. This type of pot is unglazed and are used for drinking your tea in one go, it also gradually absorbs the taste and fragrance of tea. This teapot will work with puerh and oolong tea.
  • Tetsubin or cast iron teapot - this is glazed type of teapots that means they have an enamel filling inside which makes your brewing much safer.  You can put this type of teapot on the stove but we do not recommend it. This will work with any tea you want to keep warm longer. I prefer to use this with some Japanese green tea because of how it looks and you can use it for chai teas, and any green teas, but it also depends on your personal preference.
Most of our teapots come with a filtering system that fits into it. Like if you buy one of our white clay teapots, it comes with an infuser inside to make brewing more convenient for you. 
And lastly when choosing your teapot you should think about the size, who you're serving your tea to, and how you typically make tea.
  • If it is for yourself - 200-300 ml size teapaot is good (a full mug is 200ml)
  • If it is with a partner - 300-400ml size teapot is pretty good for 2 persons.
 A small teapot encourages you to drain out all the brewed tea in one go, which means you don't have overbrewed tea, or washed out tea that you are not able to drink finish. Saves you tea and money at the same time :)

Get more insights in this video for more teapot buying tips: