6 Herbs for Menopause Relief Naturally

During menopause, the biggest complaints are hot flashes and sleeplessness. These two concerns can make your menopause feel like a life sentence.

And these two problems are linked. Think about if you are too hot, you may toss and turn, feeling agitated and unable to sleep. When you can't sleep, you get more flustered, so you feel hotter. The loop has to stop, if we are to regain sanity during menopause.

But we want to do it naturally. Why? Because processed food and medicine, while they can provide almost instant gratification, they are not good for the body in a long run. Care for our womanly body needs ongoing nurturing. Give yourself some time to establish a gentle daily ritual of drinking nourishing herbal tonics to help kick your menopausal frustrations!

Here are my 6 favourite herbs that may help soothing your hot flashes and sleeplessness.

My most favourite herb is a tasty one with an interesting name, Wu Wei Zi, meaning "five flavoured fruit". Wu Wei Zi (Schisandra berry) is known in Chinese herbalism for helping many discomforts associated with menopause - quiet the spirit, calm the heart and relieve night sweat.
Wu Wei Zi
If you find herbal tea a bit too "herby", here are 3 tasty herbs that are great for ladies in menopause as well. Honeybush is my top pick, it has a sweet scent similar to honey. Honeybush is caffeine free and has phytoestrogenic properties, making it behave like estrogen in the body, according to a 2006 study by researchers at the University of Stellenbosch. Phytoestrogenic herbs are recommended by many herbalists in helping menopausal symptoms.

Lemon balm is great to calm the nerves and encourage a good night sleep, with its soothing soft lemony scent.
Lemon Balm
The fragrance of rose is well known, and it is also perfect to wind down for the night. It helps the body and mind to relax. 

Red Rose
Sage, though not as tasty as lemon balm or rose, is well-known herbs for its benefits to women in menopause. If you feel night sweat is getting intolerable, and insomnia is driving you crazy, and memory getting a bit frayed, try sage, it must just become your new best friend.

Lastly, this may not be your usual herb for menopause, and it is elderberries, which is rich in bioflavonoids that refresh our body and mind. Bioflavonoids are helpful to restore vaginal lubrication and decrease or end hot flashes.

Nature has provided so many healing herbs to help us to transition into menopause with more grace and poise.

Remember menopause is part of life for every woman, but pain and frustration is not.

If you are not sure how to make a tasty herbal tonic to tame your menopause, She Transforms and Luvbomb are two herbal blends can be your great start.

Time to unpause life, and enjoy womanhood again.