Warming Tea for Winter

The comfort of a steamy hot cuppa is just unbeatable! The warmth from the steam, the fragrance of tea….ah….

Here are 5 tea and herbs often considered to help circulation and warm up your body.  
  • Ginger: Ginger is known in many cultures as the germ busters. Ginger is a warming tea, and its digestive power is well known. Drop of a pinch of chopped ginger in your hot lemon black/green tea for a digestive cup to go with your Sunday afternoon read.
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  • Ginseng: Ginseng has been used to help concentration, sharpen the mind and energise the body. If you have cold feet and hands at night, try drinking a small cup of Ginseng tea at least an hour before bed to help blood circulation.

  • Cinnamon: this aromatic spice has been long used in many warming tea recipes. Cinnamon is regarded as hot in Chinese Traditional Medicine and reinforces the Yang energy. In Western herbal practises, Cinnamon is used for stimulating the digestive system and lower limb circulation.
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  • Green Tea: many researches suggest green tea is great for many health benefits. It has caffeine which also helps to stimulate the foggy mind which is often lurking after a nice warm meal. 
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  • Pu-erh: the warming tea Chinese herbalists often suggest to their older patients to help keeping their bodies warm in winter is Pu-erh. Puerh helps to detox the body from eating meat and generally a great digestive tonic.
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Remember in winter, keep your chest and tummy warm, and it will help you to stay focused while staying warm. 

As modern life is so busy and "always on", it is important to remember winter is a time we give ourselves a little more grace in accepting slower pace. It doesn't mean we go hibernate (even if we want to!), but simply live a little more gently without all go go go energy, and love the magic in wintery stillness, and keep hydrated while enjoying more indoor time with friends and family.