Too much focus is a bad thing

In most of the workplaces, we are encouraged to "focus more".  


Do more focused work.  


Stay focused. 


Have laser-like focus.


This was originally a great success principal, but gradually it's distorted into the notion of "always on".


Then it turns into "go hard or go home".


I was like that once. In my twenties, I worked 7 days a week. My poor boyfriend (now husband) often brought me dinner to work and yup, he would be staying in the office to keep me company in a large empty office to make sure I was ok. 


It got to a point he exclaimed that I needed to join a church, so every Sunday would be a rest day!


But I didn't listen. Good old stubbornness. 


Now I am in my forties, I am wiser and yes, my body doesn't respond well to abuses like that. I just tested it last week. 


For some unknown surges of enthusiasm and pressure, I did 3 all-nighters with a day of rest in between. I felt ok during those crazy 3am working sprints, but this week, I can clearly see the damage it has done on me. 


My speech is slurred at times. I can't remember why I went to the kitchen. 6-1=4! I surely have a hard time focusing. 


Forcing ourselves to focus ALL THE TIME is not humanly achievable. The neuroscience research suggests that our mind cannot continually focus. It has to reset every now and then.


So our goal is finding the balance between focus enough and focus too much.


To this goal, I have tried many to-do-programmes and apps. I tried a mile long to do list which is now reduced to a list of 3 items each day. 


I tried different mindfulness and relaxation techniques, eg EFT, Sedona Method, Breathworks, visualisations, affirmations, journaling, energy healing, yoga and more. 


As for now, I settle with mindfulness as my core tool for focus. 


It is super simple. Now I can get my focus on tap most time ;)


Mindfulness can do practised anytime and anywhere. You can do it while you are on a bus, in a shower, crisis or bliss. 


It is a way to learn to be with yourself, without judgement of what is here and now. 


For folks who love multi-tasking (am one, or was one at least), try Tea Mindfulness as it is much easier to actively practise mindfulness while you are having a nourishing drink. 


To find out how to practise Tea Mindfulness, sign up for the free Tea Mindfulness Starter Guide below.