Vietnamese Jasmine Tea

Peter and I frequent a Vietnamese restaurant in Parramatta, Sydney for years. My favourite is Pho and Peter's his usual Pork Chop on rice.

Besides the usual noodles and rice, we love their Jasmine tea. The Vietnamese Jasmine tea is refreshing, and with a good dose of robust flavour.

We asked the waitresses there about the tea and no one seems to know it beyond "it is the Jasmine tea the boss buys."

Unsatisfied, we decided to experiment, and here is what we came up with. This Jasmine tea is easy to make. Make it hot or iced as a great summer thirst quencher. Change the tea percentage to suit your taste. No need to chill the tea in advance.

Makes 2 glasses


  1. Put all the tea leaves in a teapot, pour in the boiling water. Steep for about 5 minutes. Your tea should taste a little too strong. Cool slightly.
  2. Put ice in 2 glasses (fill about half of the glass), pour in the tea. Stir and serve.

Ceylon black tea comes in many cut size and grades. The large leaf OP is chosen here for its medium flavour and stronger aroma. 

This tea recipe is also great for making bubble tea. To do so, make the tea stronger by switching the OP to Irish Breakfast, so your tea base can tolerate the addition of milk while giving you a flavourful fun bubble tea :)