Tea Soda Mocktail - LuvBomb

ANY tea can be made iced. In fact, you may be pleasantly surprised how good some tea tastes chilled in hot summer!

Secondly, and this is the golden key to making awesome iced tea - double the tea leaves used.

Your tea will be diluted with iced, so make your tea strong.

For everyone who loves flower tea, there is clearly the option of a single flower tea, such as red rose buds, lavender and chamomile. But that's a bit boring. Let's have fun!

Want to make "sexy" iced tea - come to our parlour, ahem, tea house, and check out da...

1 tbsp LuvBomb herbal infusion
200ml hot water
200ml chilled water
Ice tray
mini martini glasses (they are awesome as party welcome drinks. Even kids can drink this!)
SodaKing soda water machine
  1. Make the tea with LuvBomb and hot water. Make it strong and brew for 5 minutes.
  2. Pour in ice tray, freeze.
  3. Make soda water with the chilled water in #SodaKing machine.
  4. Place 1 -2 ice cubes in martini glasses.
  5. Pour soda water slowly into glasses to fill.
  6. Enjoy!
LuvBomb Mocktail