5 Tips to Market Your Tea

Before you can offer your products to someone to buy, first the potential customers need to know you exist.

This is the function of Marketing. Raise customers awareness.

It is the absolute key step that many tea businesses overlook.

So here we have 5 steps for you to market your tea, so people know you exist!

    1. Think why your customers are buying your category of product - eg leaf tea. Why leaf tea? Because they are stressed, love quality tea, overweight etc?
      You need to present your product category as the ideal solution to their top of mind concern.

    2. Think why your customers are buying YOUR product out of this product category? Why buy leaf tea from you? If they can get from local supermarkets, should they bother to try you out? Is it because they can't find your special magic blend to help them to stay focused and calm during work?

    3. Highlight these product category and product solutions in your marketing conversation. If you have personal experience using this product and feel much better, speak from that personal tone. This personal journey helps others like you to see your product as THEIR OWN solution.

    4. Promote these story based solution in places your tribe hangs out - B2B maybe Linkedin and special Facebook groups. B2C maybe Facebook and Instagram...these platforms change all the time. Don't marry to them.

    5. Be sure to start an email list TODAY - yes TODAY. Social media platforms are tools, they are not assets. You cannot own that conversation since if it is Facebook's property! If Facebook decides to shut down or shut down your account tomorrow (happens, truly), then you have no way to continue to connect with those customers without his / her email address. Move conversations over to a platform you own - website, email etc.

BONUS TIP: CALL TO ACTION! No great page should be without one. A call to action directs your readers and tells them what do to next. If you leave them "learned" but not ask for reward, email address etc, you won't get your sale or your optin or whatever that you want them to give you! BE SURE TO ASK!

We toot your horn!

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