[AMA] 7 Useful Marketing Funnels for your Business
[Replay Ask Me Anything 23 Nov 17] 
  • Presentation / Meet up / Offline  / Face to face activities
  • Facebook Ads
  • Email Marketing
  • SEO Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Joint Venture / Partnership Marketing
  • Referral Marketing

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In this AMA call:

Today's conversation about Marketing is not just to do for you tea business owners only but essential for any business owner you.
Working on marketing is helping more people to realize your existence. 

Let us start from the least to the best way to do Marketing:

7. Referral Marketing - a marketing strategy that involves word of mouth, it is really important that you automate and offer referral bonuses to your consumers. 

6. Joint Ventures/ Partnership Marketing - a simple joint strategy between 2 businesses, to offer both of their products to consumers and making sure both are successful.

5. Content Marketing- a marketing strategy that involves reports, quick guides, articles and information presented on youtube or other video formats that generates content. 

4. SEO Marketing (Search Engine Optimization) -a type of marketing strategy that is a bit geeky, it is more to do with mechanics, and you always need to make sure that whatever products or services you offer to stay relevant. In that way whenever someone searches for something once you stay relevant the result always put you on top of the list which can help your business sing. You might want to consider hiring someone for SEO management.

3. Email / Sms Marketing 
  • SMS is a type of marketing strategy that is too personal if you are into coaching, and consultation might be more useful to use. 

  • Email Marketing is my favourite marketing strategy, a really good way to invest your time and money. Most of our customer has been around with us for the longest time, and are buying more because of the relationship we have built through email. With email marketing, your content is very important, and this certainly does not give you the right to send people rubbish and sales drama ideas, make sure you provide value, and stay with your peoples' radar always, checking on your tribe, keeping your ongoing relationship with them.
    And also to really understand how to write to hook people in, in a psychology of the readers can really make a huge difference for you and your business.
2. Facebook Ads - Facebook Ads can be really amazingly rewarding if you do it right. Segmenting people who you want to talk to or to advertise to which can lead you to get a really good return. I would recommend getting a help from someone, who is really good at it and are really doing well, shop around depending on your budget.
1. Presentation, Meet-ups, Doing a face to face activity - this type of marketing strategy that offers a much more authentic connection, putting the effort to present something personally offers an extra special effort.  Giving yourself that chance to show up, and to showcase your product, and helping the people to understand the importance of what it really is that you offer. 
Any of this marketing strategy can really work well for you and your business as long as you enjoy doing it, choose something that is really going to make a difference for you and for your business while you are having fun.
Because only when you're having fun doing it, you are going to do it again and again and you are going to excel at a speed that you'll never know. 


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