How to Sell More Tea

You believe in your products, but somehow you feel like you are now your own slave-driver more than a business owner. What gives?

Check out this video to find out 1 very important lesson all business owners must lear

Today, I am going to give you tips to take in and have a think about because when we talk to different customers we find that what is recurring is the question about moving forward with their tea business.

“Where this tea business is going? It seems to go on a little bit slower.”

I remember that someone once told me that running your own business is the best self-improvement class you could ever take and I totally agree with that.

For the 11 years that I have been doing this, certainly I have grown heaps.

I am looking at a lot of things differently these days and I am really grateful that there are a lot of people that I am now in touch with who are really helping me in taking business to the next level.

Sometimes it is not just about getting more profit but it could be just you are enjoying it more.

I used to do a lot of more IT stuff and now I am not and I find myself less grumpy, less tired.

When we started the business we all want to try to keep the cost down and wear a lot of hats.

We ended up doing something that took us 10 hours when someone could have done it for 10 minutes and you just have to pay that person.

If you think about yourself and your business is successful, you want to pay yourself a certain amount of money and if you look things in that perspective and say, “Okay, my hourly rate should be X and you multiply that to 10 because it took me 10 hours to finish the job”.

That amount of money could do far more is you hire someone who is an expert and can finish the task in 10 minutes.

We often come to this and say, “Am I grabbing way too much for the sake of cost saving?” These are one of the many road blocks in the success of your business.

We cannot do everything ourselves, not only because we do not have the time but also we are all wired differently.

Like for me, I am more in a creative aspect and if you are going to give me the task of putting together a bookshelf, that would be totally hopeless. 

We need to start accepting and be at peace at those things that we are good at and we are not good at.

You need to start thinking and say, “Okay, who I can get to help me with my business so it will flourish and grow so I will not stumble along the way”

Realizing these is quite important.

So start building up your network and if there is anything, like take away some tea packing job for you, we have got resources to help you with that.

If you want to come up with your own tea blend but you’re not the creative sort then we can talk about what you are interested in putting together, whether its detoxing tea, relaxing tea, or just a nice iced tea, and we can go through different options and find the best thing that is suitable for your business.
We will figure it out together and you can continue to sell tea and sell it profitably.

Hope I was able to inspire you and if you have any questions, feel free to send us an email via or use our contact us from at

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