Fab Fab Specials for Tea Sellers

From now to end of Feb, each week we will have an extra special great tea in awesome price for you. 


Happy green and black tea blend

23 - 30 Jan

Happy: This tea is created to inspire you to be playful (we have green tea mixed with black tea, and some colourful pieces), be curious again no matter what is in front of you, and above all, choose HAPPY. Pick a tea you love, that makes you happy and healthy. 

Special ended. You missed out. 

Lychee Red Chinese Tea

31 Jan - 6 Feb

Lychee Red: This tea brings me back to my childhood in Hong Kong. It's my aunt's favourite tea to serve when we came to celebrate Chinese new year together in her house. Its fruity flavour is enticing and welcoming, but not over-powering. A sweet treat without sugar :)

Special ended. You missed out. 

Silver square tins

7 - 14 Feb

50g Silver Tins: Best selling tin! We pay your postage.

There are certainly prettier tins around but for 15 years we have been running the biz, the square silver tin has proven to have most stable and reliable supplies. This stability will help you establishing your brand while giving you plenty of creative room. Dress it up!

Special ON - 
Free postage when you buy by carton of 144 tins, when you purchase them with any other products. The postage for the tins will be credited back to you as a discount voucher for your future orders. 

Special ended. You missed out. 

 15 - 21 Feb

Free Profitable Tea Selling Guide

Private Label Tea Course 50% off

Tea Biz Fast Start Course Special

Special ended. You missed out. 

Hibiscus, Chrysanthemum, Wu Wei Zi

22 - 28 Feb

3 Chinese Favourite Herbs Pack:
Limited stocks
Each pack you get to try 3 great herbs from China that is fantastic for everyone in the family. 
They all taste great hot or chilled!