[AMA] Stand out from the crowd, Iced and Fruit Teas

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  • Stand out from the crowd
  • Iced Teas
  • Classifications of Fruit Teas
  • Understanding Fruit Teas


Stand out from the crowd with your tea 
There is a trend nowadays of people going more towards giving out healthier corporate gifts. While gifting wine in corporate is still very mainstream, gifting tea is a sign of gifting health :)
The message behind giving tea s is certainly different to gifting a bottle of wine. 
So there is definitely room to grow our tea marketing. You as a tea supplier can help your customers and potential customers to understand that there is a lot of goodness in tea. This goodness message can turn into many different stories that are aligned with your own way of selling tea to generate profits.
Some love the fun part of tea, while others love the healthy side of tea. Whatever your preference is in terms of narrating your tea, I highly encourage you to think about these two points:
  • And why this business is for you 
  • Why someone wants to buy from you.
People buy things because of a certain value that they already subscribed to. If this value lines up with your "brand story" - your why this business and why your products (solutions to their problems), then they will be almost compelled to buy from you.
So, what makes you so special?
Things for you to consider when it comes to stand out from the crowd:
  • To become good at putting together your own content
  • To recognize your gift and your talent
  • To maximize what you already know - your personal story, experience, network
  • To always make a difference 
So think about of why someone wants to buy from you when there's a lot of you out there.
If you need help to any of these you can always book a call with me.
More about Iced Tea
  • Fruit Tea is your first choice when it comes to selecting tea to make into iced tea
  • Remember this easy trick "Any tea that can be made into iced tea. But double the strength, brew it with hot water. Don't double the brewing tea as it can taste bitter like green tea. Half filled with ice, pour the tea in and your iced tea is ready."
Fruit Teas as your Iced Tea:
The dry fruit pieces don't have enough flavour on their own.
When you buy fruit tea, bear in mind that it is a type of tea that is made of a bunch of botanicals, petals, fruits, roots, leaves and they add the flavour on. 
Flavoured Fruit Tea Recommendations: 
  • Luvberries has organic strawberry flavour
  • Pina Colada 
  • Elderberries are used for berry blend as they are an affordable carrier of the added flavour
The psychology of having fruit pieces in fruit tea is  
Fruit teas no added flavour:
  • They are teas that naturally tastes right
  • Lemon / Citrus - please always use sparingly
  • You cannot achieve the umph like the flavoured fruit tea (or fruit lollies flavour)
We also have our Chill with Tea book that has everything you need, fruit tea recipes, mocktails, iced tea recipes, options for fruit infusions, and ideas to make your tea really sing out.
Check out the fruit teas mentioned here: Fruit-Infusion


If you need some help with your tea business, it's crucial you work with someone who has been there, understand your goal and pain. 

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