Caramel Milk Tea Frappe

Love a sweet tea? Then this Caramel Black Tea Frappe will be a cooling delight for your hot summer day.

The first time I tried caramel tea was back in the 1990s when there were less tea shops around. 

I have never been a big caramel fan. I don't mind the taste of caramel, but it always get stuck in my teeth and the super-sweetness delivers a big dose of after-consumption guilt.

So when I found the caramel tea, I thought it could be the best way to enjoy this sugary indulgence without committing a health crime. 

Caramel tea is typically a black tea with caramel flavour. If you find caramel pieces in your caramel tea, they are just for looks. They don't contribute to the tea flavour much, but if there are a lot of them in your tea mix, it will make the tea brew cloudy and a little greasy. 

Selecting Caramel tea comes down to a personal preference, as some have a sweeter, sugar fragrance / taste, and others a creamier profile. 

Brewing tips: Remember just like any flavoured tea, the dried tea mix is stronger in fragrance then once the hot water is in.

The taste in most cases would not be overwhelmingly caramel like, and carry A LOT less calories than a piece of Caramel candy!

Just like many milky / cream flavoured black tea, Caramel Cream is great for making iced tea. Break your usual English Breakfast routine and give this one a try!

Makes 1 glass



  1. Infuse the Caramel Cream black tea in boiling water for at least 5 minutes.

  2. Let the tea cool. Drain and put about half of the tea in an ice cube tray and freeze.

  3. When the ice cubes are ready, place them and a little bit of the other 100ml tea in a blender and blend till slushy.

  4. Place the sweetened condensed milk at the bottom of a tall glass.

  5. Pour in all of the remaining tea liquid, then slowly pour in the slushy ice.

  6. This should create a layering effect like the one in the photo (may not work as well if you are using normal milk). Serve without stirring.

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