Fruit Tea and World of Flavour

There is a common misunderstanding that fruit tea is made of fruit.

There is a perception that fruit tea is more natural and fruit tea is only made of a mix of dried fruit.

I hate to break this to you - this, is far from the truth.

What is the flavour in fruit tea, or chocolate tea or berry tea?

Is fruit tea (fruit infusion) really just fruits? Is it natural? Is there flavour added to the tea? Is it tea really?

Let us tell you about the truth about flavours used in tea.

In the above video: Fruit, dried fruit… Going into fruit tea, nice and natural, sounds good, I love it too.

But you know, if you go and dry a piece of apple, chuck it into boiling hot water, you will not get the sort of apple tea that you’re getting from a tea shop.

Why? Because it’s actually quite bland.

What you’re trying to achieve is essentially, your brain is actually trying to say, “Well look, apple tea… right? So it should kind of taste like apple”.

But the problem is, when you drop a few pieces of apple in a big pot of liquid or water, you’re diluting it massively.

So you cannot simply think, the taste in a piece of apple is going to be strong enough to flavour your whole cup of tea, whole cup of water.

It just doesn’t work!

And because of that, we cannot escape this fact –  just like most of the tea suppliers out there. You go and get their fruit tea, compare that to ours, it’s the same.

You will find that with a fruit tea, you have some basic components, Hibiscus, Rosehips, and Apple.

Typically, these three are always in it. It doesn’t matter whether you’re getting Pina Colada, Peach Melba, Strawberry Patch, whatever… It’s the same.

They’ve pull off these ingredients and use them as a “base”, in order get you this flavour and because of the hibiscus and rosehips, you’re fruit tea is typically red because those 2 things is red.

If you just brew some hibiscus is kind of like a hot pink colour, really awesome. But the fact is, it also has its own tartish taste.

Pina Colada

Like, for example, in Pina Colada, some people don’t like it because it’s not really Pina Colada, but it works pretty well with berry tea and people don’t complain.

Bottom-line is that, in order to give you the intense flavour that you are after in this fruit blend, flavour must be added.

It just comes down to what kind of flavour it is. And generally, unfortunately, natural flavour, like all natural flavour, is actually quite hard to come by.

They don’t necessarily give you the intensity after the hot water is being poured in. So again, you have to add some sort of enhancer to it.

In the industry of flavour, basically, you can choose nature or natural and nature identical flavours.

A lot of flavours you see are typically nature identical flavours. If it’s completely natural, like on our website, we actually say natural flavours.

Yes, there are artificial flavours but they are not allowed to be used with food.

So, there is a tiny bit of piece in mind in that way but over-all, you will have to have flavour in your fruit tea.

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