Sell More Tea, Read Less Emails

So you want to sell more teas?

I have a fantastic tip for you today!

It is a bit unusual, from a tea supplier ;)

But I have shared this tip with many, and they found it tremendously valuable in improving their productivity, and profitability.

As a business owner, I am sure you would agree there are far many hours we spend on things don't generate results.

Many think multi-tasking is fantastic, but if you find yourself trying to pack tea, while writing an email to a client, as well as having lunch, well firstly you are not alone. And secondly, this can stop. When it stops, you will be amazed when you do less, you are actually getting better and bigger results.

So in this video we share a fantastic tool we have been using for some years to fight inbox overwhelm. Check it out!

If you want the same tool we use to become more masterful of your emails, here is the link to sign up including 14 days free trial.

Creating a profitable business, tea business or others, means you have to have a growth mindset really to take on challenges and ever changing business landscape with an open mind.
Besides that, a good tool box is helpful. Not the type with shining objects, but something really help every bit of energy you spend on your business is bringing a reward to you.

So you want to sell more tea? Start with focus on reading emails that bring you closer to your clients, and help you to be more laser focused with your business.

Not another email on 101 ways to create Facebook ads or a supplier pitching for your business to sell picture frames, electronics or even coffee!